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According to an ICM survey, 66 per cent of people have at least one household gadget hidden away at home that they never use. What product do you think should be consigned to the back of the cupboard and why?

‘The Generation Game conveyor belt summed up all that was aspirational about labour-saving kitchen gadgets in the 1970s. While a Ronco raddish-roser is one from the 1970s, a 1990s equivalent might be a coulis squirter. Personally I’d bury anything to do with the obsession with “celebrity” chef-endorsed gadgets.’

Andy Davey, Creative director, TKO

‘Openers. The fact remains that if the containers that they open worked properly in the first place then the gadgets would not need to exist. Here’s a challenge to packaging manufacturers: make products that everyone can open easily and let’s get rid of the dust collectors at the back of the cupboard forever.’

Paul Priestman, Director, Priestman Goode

‘The dreaded juicer maybe. Or maybe not. I was listening to a discussion of this survey on Radio 4 and someone suggested that these gadgets could have an alternative use – I like the juicer as a spin drier for your socks.’

Jonathan Knight, Senior designer, Frazer Designers

‘I do a lot of research into, am obsessed by and a compulsive purchaser of kitchen equipment. One of my favourite pieces is a Divertimenti mandolin. I hankered after it for ages and then my wife gave it to me for Christmas. Although it makes me feel like a professional chef, it’s so large and cumbersome that I tend to use my little easy-clean Japanese Benringer mandolin unless I have some serious catering to do.’

Sebastian Conran, Director, Conran & Partners

‘While I’m tempted to cite the upright Dyson vacuum cleaner that sucks the carpet off the floor and has a tangle of attachments that are fiddly to use, or the juicer that can’t be cleaned, it has got to be the vibrator from the Far East that you simply can’t buy the batteries for on this side of the world.

Adam White, Creative director, Factory Design

‘I’d like to know how the other 34 per cent of people manage not to have at least one useless gadget lurking in the cupboard. At the back of my garage lies a strimmer. Why will it stay in the garage? Because life’s too short.’

Jim Orkney, Managing director, Kinneir Dufort

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