Ztwo has a hand in Atrixo update

Stratford-based Ztwo Design has revamped hand-cream brand Atrixo for Beiersdorf UK with products going on-shelf next month.

The work is the culmination of a 12-month project by the group, which was appointed after a five-way pitch. It will be applied across a three-strong range.

Atrixo has been around since the 1950s and was regarded as ‘a heritage sort of brand’, says Ztwo designer Nick Brown. The brief involved giving it a more contemporary look, moving away from Atrixo’s rather functional and medicinal associations towards a more cosmetic positioning, he adds.

The brand enjoys an ‘extremely loyal customer following’, says Brown, and its traditional colour palette has been largely retained. The focus of the design work is the logotype, which has been ‘smoothed and moulded’.

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