Designers need to open their eyes to copy

Their have been many letters resently about education, but none have addressed a very fundamental problem, namely smelling and grammer.

“Suplied text!” I hear designers shout, “Not my fault!” I recently recieved a beautiful mailer from santa Pod Raceway – lots of smashing photoShop work and grate typography, but what was the title? “Calender 2001”.

How many times have we received a spot colour logo or an RGB file for a process job?

Do we print regardless and shout “Supplied image”? No, we correct it, so why not correct text in the same way?

The answer has to be because the designer doesn’t realise there’s anything wrong.

Now that one designer can take a job from start to finish (ie; not have the services of typesetters), smelling has become part of the job, just like repro preparation. And no, smell-chequers don’t help.

Paul Barfoot

Barfoot Thompson Design

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