Dyson unleashes the Root8Cyclone

Household appliances manufacturer Dyson claims to have cleaned up in the race to design the most powerful vacuum cleaner, with the launch of its Dyson Root8Cyclone technology.

Dyson says its latest model, which has taken over three years to research and develop, has 45 per cent more suction than its Dyson predecessor, the Dual Cyclone. A Dyson spokeswoman claims, “This is the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market.”

The Root8Cyclone, which launches in June, uses eight cyclones instead of two, passing air through one cyclone, then dividing it simultaneously between seven smaller cyclones, which create more suction, the manufacturer claims.

A cyclone works by making the air stream spin, subjecting dirt and debris to centrifugal force and throwing them out of the air.

A cone shape speeds up the spinning air while spreading the volume of air simultaneously through many cyclones, creating even more suction power.

Meanwhile, Dyson’s complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority over what Dyson says is a misleading claim in an advertisement for Hoover’s Vortex Power machine has not been upheld. Hoover claims it has created the most powerful bagless cleaner, which Dyson disputes.

However, the ASA has asked Hoover to qualify the ad’s headline.

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