26 August 1999

Hooked on the quick fix

A new marketing trend says a subtle, intelligent approach to selling will lead to long-term rewards. Richard Murray thinks branding designers could learn from it

Vacancies remain at Arthesia

Arthesia West, the UK arm of German group Arthesia, has yet to replace the six members of staff who left the group to start a new consultancy called Blu. Co-founder

Proof marks

Which printers do design groups like best? Who produces work that has the hard-hitting impact you are looking for, but also takes time to strike up a relationship with you

Azlan appoints Storm

Wiltshire design group Storm has beaten unnamed ad agencies in a pitch to create a press campaign for network solutions company Azlan. The client, which has a £343m annual turnover,

TV Chef opens new brasserie

TV chef and restaurateur Raymond Blanc opened a new brasserie in Birmingham on Monday called Le Petit Blanc. London architecture and design group Tilney Shane has designed the interior of

Norwegian perks

Jack Lohman, a director of Met Studio, will be staying in his job, despite acquiring an interesting sideline. Lohman has been appointed Professor of Museum Communication of the National School

Harley flagship opens in the UK

A £3m Harley-Davidson European flagship store is to open on London’s King’s Road next month. It will provide an extensive range of facilities for motorcycle enthusiasts. Designed by architectural practice

Crabtree Hall to spice up Currys

Currys, the electrical retail chain owned by the Dixons Group, is trialing a new high street store format, developed jointly by Crabtree Hall and the retailer’s in-house design team. The

SCG fuels Scottish Power store

Retailer and utilities provider Scottish Power has unveiled a new retail format in Hamilton. Created by SCG London, the new store is expected to provide a template for future store


Guinness’ new glass is designed to create a smoother drink and more consistent head. The new in-house design is based on the existing tulip-shaped glass. Selected over 23 rival designs,

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