Designers don’t always have to work in London

With the recent plethora of degree shows I am encouraged by the innovative ideas that students are presenting and the commitment of art and design departments to the “designers of tomorrow”.

However, it saddens me that many still consider London to be the only place to gain experience in advertising and design.

I am sure that my design associates outside London would endorse my opinion that London is not the only place that has a “hotbed” of ideas, and my client list boasts companies from London which are happy to give work to an agency located outside the capital. Location is no barrier to imagination and technology enables you to offer a similar service to our “big city” counterparts.

Perhaps in the new term the curriculum within degree courses can include a module on “keeping an open mind” for our students.

Lin Arigho

Managing director

Aricot Vert Design

Hampshire GU13 9QH

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