All-powerful Microsoft rewrites map of the world

It’s good to make mistakes and its great that Microsoft volunteered a couple of its recent blunders this week, marking the new spirit of openness, designed to improve the group’s reputation.

At the International Geographical Congress in Glasgow last week, it was reported, a senior strategist at the company allegedly admitted that the company had neglected to include Kashmir in a map of India designed on its software. Apparently the Indian government ordered a ban on the product until the map was redrawn.

More worryingly, a computer game designed in 2002 was recalled after the Saudi government pointed out that the chanting accompanying the fight scenes was in fact verses from the Koran.

Whatever happened to the notion of ‘think global, act local’? And while we’re at it, can we have a non-US spellchecker please, before we forget how to write in English.

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