Kitchen Rogers’ window of opportunity for Edra

Italian furniture manufacturer Edra is to open its first UK showroom next month, complete with moving chair displays designed by Kitchen Rogers Design.

The retail space comes amid a flurry of activity for the brand, as it moves to improve its profile in the UK. Next month, it will launch two window displays (suspended Vermelha chair, pictured) and a series of installations at London’s Selfridges store, before unveiling plans for a 185m2 concession on the retailer’s fourth floor.

‘Edra has been poorly represented here, and brand awareness is relatively small in the public eye. We’ve been engaged in brand-building exercises for the past six months,’ Edra UK marketing director Stephan Dowers explains.

The Edra showroom opens on 23 September, and the Selfridges concession is due for completion in April 2005. Both will be designed by Edra’s in-house team.

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