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Liverpool recruitment agency Bluefire Consulting has launched a website, www.liverpoolneedsyou.com, to encourage Scousers who have left the city to return. What would make this an attractive idea to Liverpudlian designers?

‘The city needs to commit to building a strong design community, which is tiny at present and can be isolated from the rest of the UK design field. Design events on a national and international level, collaborative projects with local industries and a regeneration programme would encourage designers to come back.’

Johanna van Daalen, Partner, Electric Wig

‘What would bring design exiles back to Liverpool? Since I left in 1974, the city has remained fixed in my imagination at that point in time. So I’d want a return to Keegan-style perms, bell bottoms, Steely Dan’s Rikki Don’t Lose That Number on Radio Merseyside and Liverpool FC sweeping all before them. Some hope!’

Jeremy Myerson, Co-director, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre

‘The main attraction for a company like us is the potential creation of a larger skill base, with which we could collaborate or strengthen our own team without having to look outside the city. Although we wouldn’t automatically favour home-grown talent, an influx of new, experienced designers could directly benefit our studio. It could also lead to the creation of new studios and opportunities for locals and graduates who could then avoid having to leave the city for work.’

Sam Wiehl, Director, Burn

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