26 August 2010

Oswaldo Macia

In cahoots with Unkle

If you were wondering what calibre of creatives the producer, DJ and Unkle founder James Lavelle rubs shoulders with during a typical three years of his life, then the exhibition Daydreaming with… James Lavelle at the Haunch of Venison gallery will give you a clue. The pop-up exhibition this week is the first in a […]


‘Zine scene

Fanzines’ anti-corporate stance and lo-fi aesthetic have long made them a favourite with both graphic designers and readers. Anna Richardson examines the history and culture of a wilfully disreputable medium

On your marks

As a start-up you have to be confident about what makes your company different, and convey this clearly to potential clients in order to grow. Suzanne Hinchliffe sees how three new consultancies are looking to position themselves and achieve stand-out

Profile: Monorex

From a small collective of graffiti-inspired artists, Monorex has become a creative studio to reckon with, taking big brands to youth markets. Garrick Webster talks to founder Terry Guy about TV ads, going stateside and maintaining the street vibe


Marksteen Adamson favours a back-to-basics approach to job titles, with a return to ’design director’ and a move away from ’creative director’. Which would you axe, and why?

A pocket-sized story worth immortalising on the big screen

Although it has been told in print form, my suggestion for a design story worth immortalising on film would be that of Penguin Books and its association with designers and illustrators, which starts at its inception back in 1935 (Voxpop, DW 19 August). It is a story awash with fascinating archive material, which features every […]

An iPhone app with augmented reality technology

Take the mature route with new technology

While I don’t want to dismiss the benefits of new developments such as chameleon film or augmented reality outlined in your recent feature (Packing a Punch, DW 12 August), why is it designers are so reluctant to draw upon more mature technology such as animated visual effects, commonly known as VFX? Perhaps more education is […]

Inspired: Lee Bennett – Propaganda

I can trace one of my earliest inspirations all the way back to my childhood. Although it’s something I greatly admire now, it scared the living daylights out of me at the time. I watched this particular film title sequence repeatedly, not because as a ten-year old I loved the typography and animation. No. It […]

Best of the Web

www.drawandfoldover.comThe typical childhood game of draw, fold over and pass it on has been turned into an interactive website by The Big Draw. Much to the excitement of the Design Week team, we put our drawing abilities to the test (see picture right) to create a person by skilfully directing the mouse – or not, […]

A question of style

The art of crafting a letter is in decline as digital transmission of the written word becomes faster and easier. David Bernstein bemoans the concomitant loss of wit and grammatical skills

Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Experiences app

Fingertip attractions

As publishers of travel guides are flocking to the app and e-book markets, with Lonely Planet most recently targeting the iPad with its Discover series, Angus Montgomery looks at what can be achieved in these formats

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