Pencil adds dash of retro to contemporary recipe for start-up cake brand Eat Me

Pencil has created the identity and packaging for start-up cake brand Eat Me.

The consultancy was appointed six weeks ago after it was approached by Eat Me founder Chloe Savidge, according to Pencil creative director Luke Manning.

Pencil began researching packaging from the 1920s and 1930s in books produced by Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising founder Robert Opie.

Savidge says, ’The housewife at home, happily baking for her family, is something that we wanted to come across in our brand, but without looking too retro.’

Manning says, ’We wanted to take the qualities from that packaging and give them a more modern edge. We wanted it to be vibrant so it could compete with its contemporary competitors.’

The identity will be seen on packaging which will be launched next month, as well as on posters, advertisements and online.

Pencil toyed with expanding on the Alice in Wonderland theme of the company’s name, but felt that it would not stand out from competitors and might be seen as jumping on the bandwagon of Tim Burton’s recent film, says Manning.

Pencil also created photography for the brand, which will be used for advertising and on the website. Manning says, ’We used vintage plates to maintain the “old” feel, and let the vibrant colours of the cakes act as a contemporary counterpoint to the props.’

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