Robot Food takes the biscuit tin for Thorntons inspiration

Robot Food has designed the packaging and on-pack graphics for a new Thorntons range of cookies. The consultancy says the packaging has been designed to look like a biscuit tin.

Northumbrian Fine Foods, which makes the cookies, initially asked Robot Food to develop ideas to be presented to Thorntons. Robot Food has worked with both companies before and contributed concept designs for Thorntons’ 2009 brand refresh, according to consultancy creative director Simon Forster.

The consultancy changed tack from its original creative proposal, which was a ’daytime and light-hearted’ box designed to encourage sharing in dual packs depicting home-baking and cake-stand imagery, explains Forster.

Instead a ’darker and more indulgent’ look has been cultivated, with photographic-led imagery, says Forster.

A bevelled gold-beading effect, at the top and bottom of the packet, is borrowed from biscuit tin design, and house-brand fonts and stripes have been added.

Forster says the Caflisch-based font on the new packs was developed as part of last year’s brand refresh proposals.

Robot Food’s designs appear across the range of flavours, which include Triple Chocolate Chunk, Sicilian Lemon Meringue, Praline and Milk Chocolate, and Ginger and Dark Chocolate.

A September launch is planned for the cookie range, which will roll out across supermarkets and Thorntons stores nationally.

Thorntons says that further new packaging is planned for the autumn, including for the Continental range.

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