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At the instigation of Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, Peter Saville has created a flag based on the St George cross, in order to draw attention to the North West’s bid for devolution and its own ‘government’. Which region of the UK do you think deserves

‘I think the Lake District deserves its own flag and it should be black and white – shorn from Andy Bainbridge’s sheep and knitted by his mam Beattie, to display the “Livestock” logo high on the hill of his farm in Sharp. Once again, designers from all over the green and pleasant land can converge for a chilled time sitting around the fire. I’m certain that Saville and Wilson would love it.’

Mark Hurst, Senior art director, McCann Erickson

‘As much as I like flags, I have never been a supporter of devolution. I find the whole notion insular and limited.’

Jonathan Ellery, Partner, Browns

‘What about a generic flag that seeks to reflect the true values of Government (local or otherwise). I’m thinking Berlusconi meets Derek Hatton (allegedly), hookers, a 1976 pink Roller, brown paper bags, wads of cash, chunky gold jewellery (men’s), a large Cohiba and of course files or records that can magically disappear before your very eyes. Me, a cynic? Never…’

James Acton, Director, Poulter Group

‘This country is already confused enough with its national and regional flags. Another flag, based on a political message or region won’t help. It would be just another symbol, built on something already burdened with multiple meanings. Drawing attention to the political ambitions of the region isn’t about symbols, it’s about the issues, and the solution.’

Gary Holt, Executive creative director, Lambie-Nairn

‘I am not so sure that I’m in favour of the idea of regional branding. It’s great if you are the first to do it, but if everybody is doing it, it just becomes regional brand pollution. However, if you must, I think that Slough deserves to have its own flag, to help motorists and backpackers avoid the place if they were to accidentally drift towards it due to, say, a freak storm. The design would take its inspiration from the seaside lifeguards warning flags – for example, “Don’t swim here”.’

Marksteen Adamson, Partner, Arthur Steen Adamson

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