Companies don’t realise the benefit of ‘new blood’

As a student half way through a BA Product Design degree, I was heartened and inspired by Garrick Hamm’s letter (DW 5 February).

I wish that every design consultancy shared his opinion that new blood plays a vital role. Otherwise – as he says – ‘our businesses will stagnate’.

I completed the second year of my degree last summer and my intention was to get a placement.

I soon learned that the downturn was about to affect my chances.

Two companies were interested in my ability to bring fresh ideas, but then pulled out at the last minute due to ‘the credit crunch’.

This, however, didn’t stop them from asking me to design some concepts for them.

I was disheartened that not just one, but two companies actually shared this same attitude towards a design student.

Surely, taking on someone who can bring fresh ideas might possibly benefit these businesses during an economic downturn?

Samantha Poole, University of Huddersfield, by e-mail

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