Whether it’s Aviva or NU, it just can’t ‘quote me happy’

How right Adrian Shaughnessy is to expose the flaws in Norwich Union’s ‘rebranding’ as Aviva (Private View, DW 5 February).

The company has done nothing to assure its customers, in this exercise of pure spin, that it is making an effort to do anything about what is supposed to be its core business – insurance.

I’ve given up asking Norwich Union for quotes, because it has been consistently the most expensive insurer that I’ve come across.

If it really wants to endear itself to the public, it should take a good look at its pricing structure and get its house in order, before attempting to pull the wool over people’s eyes with its ridiculous advertising campaigns.

It is fooling no-one. Tears all round.

Andrew Mann, Designer BMS World Mission, Didcot OX11 8XA

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