Futurebrand creates Post Office Money brand

The Post Office has launched a new Post Office Money brand as it sets its sights on going up against high street banks to become “a leading financial provider by 2020”.

All of its financial products will be brought under Post Office Money, which will have a presence within Post Offices on the high street.

The Post Office says that Futurebrand is working on branding and Edge is leading retail design.

Post Office Money
Islington branch

The new brand is underpinned by a relationship with the Bank of Ireland and has already opened at the Islington London branch.

Post Office Money will appear in 300 branches and is rolling out now. The other 11,200 branches will promote and support the new service and feature communications designed for this purpose.

Post Office Money
Islington branch

The Post Office says its research highlights that “choice of access remains a big factor when choosing a financial provider, with 30 per cent of the population looking for convenient branch locations or a high street presence when choosing a financial provider.”

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  • Karen Gullington November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    FutureBrand — what on earth are you doing for those fees?

    Talk about minimum viable product — this is so incredibly dull.

    Whoever is responsible? Put your hand up!

    There HAS to have been a better, more inventive solution available — this is unbelievably drab. Heaven knows the Post Office could do with some inventive spirit.


  • Guy Douglass November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Quite extraordinary.
    Futurebrand must have some amazing sales people if they can persuade the client to part with their ‘money’ for this.
    There must be much more to this design than what is shown in these images, otherwise I’m gob-smacked that future brand feel it’s worth a press release; if I was them I’d be hiding it under the carpet!

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