Studio Dumbar rebrands Dutch airline Transavia

Studio Dumbar has worked with digital marketing agency Mirabeau to rebrand low-cost Dutch airline Transavia.

The rebrand includes renaming the airline from (“.com is too passé” says Studio Dumbar) and applying icons to the underbelly of the planes – each plane in Transavia’s fleet will have a different combination of icons.

The rebrand comes as Transavia aims to grow in size and “become Europe’s leading airline in hospitality and service”. Transavia is part of the Air France-KLM group and currently operates from six home bases in The Netherlands and France.

The project began with Mirabeau looking at Transavia’s e-commerce strategy – Studio Dumbar says: “Although aeroplanes are the most dominant image of an airline, Transavia’s audience experience 70 per cent of the brand online”. Studio Dumbar was then brought in to develop the new identity.

Studio Dumbar says the new identity is based around the statement “It’s a pleasure” and aims to be “playful, accessible and flexible”.

The new identity takes elements from the existing look – using the green brand colour and a logo based on a “t” in a roundel. Both elements have been redesigned for the new identity.

The current identity
The current identity

A series of icons has also been developed, referencing different items relating to holidays and travel, such as sun-loungers and suitcases.

These will be applied to the underbelly of each plane, with a difference combination of icons for each plane in the fleet.

The livery also features the word “welcome” written next to the plane’s entrance door in all the languages of the countries served by Transavia. Studio Dumbar says: “Rather than only communicating to a large audience at a distance, this allows the airline to communicate directly with each individual passenger.”

The new Transavia e-commerce platform is set to launch this summer. The new identity and livery designs will roll out at the same time. Studio Dumbar says: “Transavia will implement the new brand in a gradual, cost-effective manner.”

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