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1. With Bruce Mau’s Sonos logo making waves (scroll the image up and down to see why…) we look at this and other identities that represent sound and motion.

2. The Guardian has relaunched its website, completing its multi-platform redesign. We take a look at the thinking behind the design here and here.

3. Studio Dumbar has worked with digital marketing agency Mirabeau to rebrand low-cost Dutch airline Transavia – adding bespoke icons to the planes’ underbellies.

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Probably the most controversial image of the week is this one, which shows Casson Mann’s plans for an overhaul of the Natural History Museum’s entrance hall – with Dippy the Diplodocus being replaced by a Blue Whale. The resulting furore was covered in all the national Press and led to the #savedippy hashtag trending on Twitter.

Quote of the week


Source: Leo Reynolds

“We really don’t know how lucky we are, us designers in our ivory Modernist towers. We could be working on the bins. Or up a crane. Or in the ad industry.” Matt Baxter is one of several designers who tell us about how they make sure they keep enjoying working in design.

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Stuck for an insightful comment to make when presented with work? Try these Pocket Art Directors’ Dice.

Design stories in the national press


Source: David Quay for Guardian Eyewitness

Over on the Guardian , readers are submitting their favourite city fonts. There are some lovely examples, including Anton Kurvers’s font for Amsterdam’s bridges.

The latest episode of BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line looks at how to charge for services – by time? By results? By difficulty? Interesting stuff for designers.

The Press Association has an interesting look at Apple in Numbers after the company recorded the biggest quarterly profits by any public company in history.

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