EH6 remodels Historic Scotland’s identity

Historic Scotland, the Scottish equivalent of the National Trust, has a new identity designed by EH6 which will be featured in 330 properties and monuments.

Historic Scotland, whose previous identity was designed in-house five years ago, chose EH6 after a proposals pitch from three Scottish groups. The identity was spurred by Historic Scotland’s move to a new Edinburgh hq.

According to a spokeswoman for Historic Scotland, the client did not want a total change of identity. “We needed remodelling, to look fresher and more friendly, more up-to-date, and less conservative,” she explains.

“We adapted the old logo instead of designing a radical new one, as it involved less cost,” explains EH6 director Alison Ward. The castle element from the previous logo has been placed within a banner device, the castle has been redrawn and its window opened. The title uses a new typeface, Berling Bold.

“We wanted to give it a heraldic feel, using dark purple and powder blue – very Scottish colours,” adds Ward.

EH6 is working on a design manual for implementation on stationery, livery, retail outlets and hard hats.

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