Partnership business models do pay off

I agree wholeheartedly with Nigel Forsyth’s article (DW 12 January) looking at lessons to be learnt from the partnership business model of law firms – notably empowered team leaders with the freedom to develop, innovate or focus, but with ownership (and risk) spread among like-minded fellow travellers.

We have grown from 50 to 150 people over the past two years by following this strategy. Our growth relies on a fine balance between what you give and what you give up, what you bring and what you lose – taking a long-term view on the future and leaving egos at the door. As ever, patience and hard graft are the necessary virtues.

Lynda Relph-Knight commented that design’s greatest strengths against the larger groups are breadth and depth, and that ‘variety is best’. For Loewy, we seem to be holding that tension between specialists and generalists by gaining momentum with our clients.

The work is out there – and clients really do buy the integrated approach.

We call ourselves a ‘hybrid brand communications group’, because the specialists come from all sorts of angles (on-pack promotions, retouching, PR, packaging or brand strategy).

It’s cut-through and lateral thinking that create returns for today’s clients – and the tools of design have a significant part to play in that mix.

Charlie Hoult, Chief executive officer, Loewy, London SW1V

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