Rodd Industrial Design brainstorms for Hasbro toys

Games and toy specialist Hasbro has begun working with Rodd Industrial Design on idea generation, in a move which could usher in a wave of novel toy designs.

The consultancy is working alongside Hasbro’s in-house team Greenhouse, which specialises in idea generation, to develop innovative proposals for the company. The design concepts will be based on different subject areas and they will take into account customer research. Some of the propositions are likely to be taken on board by Hasbro and developed into new brands, toys or games for launch across Europe and the US.

‘We are working at a strategic level of design, stimulating new product design to help generate ideas and concepts,’ says David Tree, head of business development and marketing at Rodd Industrial Design.

Hasbro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of toys; Mr Potato Head, Transformers and Action Man are some of its most popular products.

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