Use of stereotype was discrimination against Scotsmen

As a proud Scot and a graphic designer working in a Scottish consultancy, I must question the use of such a ridiculous stereotype in Hugh Pearman’s article (DW 12 January).

At a time when the design and advertising community in Scotland really needs a regular publication, you clearly do not see it as an important market. Your story does more to alienate a key target audience than it does to emphasise Pearman’s thoughts.

Maybe Pearman and the artist Louis Hellman find this type of racism hilarious, but I feel it does nothing more than make a complete joke of our nation’s dialect and does nothing to support the article.

This out-of-date thinking does nothing to unite British design consultancies and hinders progress towards a modern and respected design economy. You would never depict an Arab or a Muslim person in their full national dress, speaking nonsense in their dialect, so I must question why you feel it is acceptable to use a Scotsman?

Brian Wishart, Reflexblue Design and Advertising, Glasgow G3 7PB

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