Free-pitching is still used to attain new business

With regard to Coley Porter Bell’s criticism of the work by Bobbett Design (Letters, DW 19 July), I suggest David Lightman wakes up to eat his cornflakes.

Judging by the frequent debates in Letters, design groups abhor the free pitchí but it is still a significant (and valued) method of attaining new business. Of course, you win a few, you lose a few but those few provide integral business revenue. How many groups would exist without them? Obviously CPB, but within a decimated industry.

And as for design appropriationí you could also argue the case that creative credit to Point One Creative Solutions was given where it was due. Not knowing Bobbett Design, I am sure it will wish to answer these charges directly, but in being so quick to attack fellow designers, CPB has proved itself to be more of a little ‘tinkleí than a ringing ding dong’.

Ryan Sales

Senior creative, WPB Creative

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