Out with the old in with the new CSD

This latest in the series of CSD errors of judgement (Letters, 20 June) has at least served to get the society as a subject of general debate once again.

Parallels with the Tory Party are inevitable, internal division, lack of direction, might one even venture arrogance? (Oddly, here in Scotland the CSD is VERY quiet in a country with no Tory representation in Parliament.)

Oh for the equivalent of the General Election, a good clean sweep to bring the Design Council, CSD and DBA into a cohesive entity, old scores settled, sleaze dispatched to the tabloids and old warhorses put out to grass.

The design profession keeps trying to present itself to others as lively, radical and forward-thinking, of real value to the country. I suggest that until it can sort out its own divisions, it will remain sidelined by all but the informed few.

Sean Blair to lead New CSD?

David Gerrard

Gerrard & Medd

London NW1

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