Pools win goes to Elmwood’s head

Elmwood is in the money – but not to the extent it thought. An eight-strong pools syndicate arranged by staffer Bob Parker came up lucky.

And the scent of big money highlighted some differences between the sexes. In the time it took to establish how much had been won, madness reigned. The men were seen clutching What Car magazine, while the sole female syndicate member present, Sandra Lightowler, claimed she would be “happy with a couple of pairs of shoes”.

The truth was that each member got a cheque for 4500. Lots of shoes, but not many new cars. The real winner was Parker’s mother. The winners chipped in to fulfil her dream of a Concorde trip as thanks for her help in the project: for nine years she has been the one who has waited in for the man to collect the coupon.

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