Belfast unveils identity by Lloyd Northover

A fresh identity for Belfast has been developed by brand strategy and creative consultancy Lloyd Northover. Unveiled on Monday, the Here Now brand is the result of the biggest branding consultation exercise ever undertaken for Belfast City Council. It has been created to prom ote a unified vision of the city as a vibrant and […]

A look at the Dutch graphic design museum

The Dutch have clocked another world first – a museum devoted solely to graphic design. Michael Johnson wonders at their seemingly disproportionate impact on the profession and asks what it would take for London to follow suit

Time for mobiles to go sustainable

Disposability – that bedrock of consumerism and bête noir of the Green movement – is rife in the mobile phone industry, sustained as it is by contracts offering perpetual upgrades. Scott Billings asks what role design plays in this environmental quagmire – is it complicit, or can it help stem the tide of electronic waste?Electrical […]

Tapping into water branding

Getting people back on to tap water might not be easy – even though many bottled waters contain just thatBranding tap water may strike you as a pointless waste of resources, but one man with an environmental conscience believes doing so could wean consumers off mineral water bottles and back on to the tap.‘People aren’t […]

The craft skills of Piet Boon

He doesn’t conform to the image of the eccentric Dutch designer, but Piet Boon is achieving success through craft skills and the ability to understand the needs of his clients. David Chaloner looks at his workI was talking with a floor tiler the other day about his trade and experience. He was diligently sweeping arcs […]

Unholy script

Everyone seems to be sporting tattoos, popularised by footballers and celebrities – often ones featuring non-Latin alphabets like Sanskrit, Hebrew and Arabic. Simon Loxley reviews the trend, and wonders if it might betray a longing for a tangible spirituality in our hyper-transient worldWHEN Edward Johnston, creator of the London Underground lettering, told a relative about […]

Asia major

If China came relatively late to modern graphic design, then the wealth of material emerging from the Asian giant suggests the country is rapidly catching up. A flurry of exhibitions and events in London, timed to coincide with the Beijing Olympics, reveals the diversity of young Chinese designers who both nod back to traditional forms […]

Going deeper with clients

Chasing new clients may be exciting, but it makes more business sense to improve the way you handle your current stable, says Ricky OhI can’t prove it, but I have a strong feeling that there is something in the make up of a designer that naturally leads him or her to be attracted by shiny […]

Top drawers

Cartoons can be as ephemeral as the subjects they lampoon, but the best exponents of the art spend a lifetime learning how to communicate a moment. Two new books and an exhibition give some idea how they do it, says Steve WayTwo recent publications have cartooning in common, but they are at opposite ends of […]


The Fredrikson Stallard duo were ‘ones to watch’ from the moment they set up in 2005, and have stayed busy ever since. Henrietta Thompson talks to the designers who combine gothic fairytale with Scandinavian coolWhen Patrick Fredrikson and Ian Stallard first started making ripples in the design press it was 2005, and they had just […]

Accreditation? We were aware in the 1950s, says CSD

In your leader (Comment, DW 12 June) you address the question of ‘accreditation’, with reference to sustainability, in a rhetorical and negative manner. The design sector is made up of ‘design users’ and ‘design education’, not just ‘design providers’. For these other stakeholders, the issue of accreditation is not a negative, and is, and has […]

Accreditation? Advice is more useful, says BDI

It is a matter of professional responsibility for all companies including designers to improve their understanding of sustainability issues that directly affect the discipline and sectors they specialise in. And I am sure that the Design Council will engage the design and innovation sector bodies to ask designers what they would find most useful to […]

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