Kin creates Wimbledon tennis installation for IBM

This year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament features an installation courtesy of fledgling London design group Kin Design.

Kin has created an interactive installation for the IBM hospitality suite. It allows visitors to use a wireless Think Pad Tablet PC to control a large plasma screen, which is capable of displaying eight different information streams including websites, commentator information and live cameras on court.

Kin creative director Kevin Palmer says, ‘Today, people look for unique experiences. The idea is for visitors to come away with a broad knowledge of IBM’s presence, and to look behind the scenes at the sheer volume of data collected and distributed, both internally and externally.’

He adds, ‘There will be thousands of pages to navigate through.’

Dan Colborne, founder of Silver Leopard, has created the graphics and 3D designs for the suite.

The Wimbledon project is only the third undertaken by new venture Kin Design. Palmer, previously creative director of Imagination’s multimedia department, and Matt Wade, former creative director of Moving Brands, founded the consultancy three months ago.

‘We are an interactive experience company,’ explains Palmer. ‘We are interested in interactive spaces and environments, outside of the Web browser and traditional modes of brand communications. The connection between the real and the virtual really excites us – whether you’re talking

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