CSD standing up for designers’ interests

I am sad that the Chartered Society of Designers’ complaint to the Independent Television Commission about McDonald’s Money for Nothing commercials was incorrectly reported in last week’s Diary (DW 20 March). My letter to the ITC was written on behalf of all interior designers, not simply CSD members, and the extract quoted from the press release was not, as your piece implied, a comment about the ITC, but about McDonald’s.

The complete quote read: “We stand by our view that the commercial belittles the value the design industry delivers to the UK economy. In a climate in which good design is gaining the respect it deserves, it is sad to see a major organisation espousing such an uninformed viewpoint.”

I believe this is important and that, as president of the CSD, I should be championing the design industry.

Finally, it was the chairman of one of our discipline groups who inadvertently addressed a press release to Morven Cooke at Design Week (Diary, DW 20 March). Morven edits the CSD’s newsletter and it was, no doubt, a slip of the pen or, more likely, envelope.

Adrianne LeMan

CSD president

London EC1

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