Mind over matter?

Allen Esp’s comments (Letters, DW 13 March) in opposition to the belief that computers hinder creativity have missed the point. He is in favour of computers (because he has invested in them) but has not offered any suggestion that they are more creative than the human mind.

I do not deny that computers have some brilliant applications, but it is worth noting that the most advanced and sophisticated applications are malevolent ones – fighter planes, stealth bombers, intelligent missiles and so on.

Maybe the argument should not be whether the computer can compete creatively with the human mind, but which is the most sustainable and ethical?

We need more responsible designers who genuinely care more about the way they shape the world than about making money by digitally re-mastering it.

Evidence that computers are now designing for us is everywhere. You only have to compare old and new products to see the sterility in the latter and the living spirit in the former.

Lee Sillitoe


Leeds LS6 3BW

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