You can’t fault Cambridge Consultants’ business success. Topping the main Top 100 charts for its UK prowess, it again makes the top slot for its own specialism, but with turnover greatly increased from 14.1m reported last year.

Of the groups that featured in the 1997 product design Top 10, most have had a stronger showing this year. Random, Studio 36, PSD and MCA Group have all improved their performance, with only Seymour Powell dropping back from last year’s 1.5m turnover to 1.1 this.

If MetaDesign and KSDP Design Group seem odd bedfellows with product purists such as Jones Garrard and Seymour Powell, it’s because the listings are based on global performance – and MetaDesign, for example, has a sizable 3D team in its Berlin office, while KSDP has multidisciplinary teams worldwide. This also boosts Fitch’s position in the product charts for, while Clive Grinyer was brought in from Samsung last year to build the European product offer, the US is its traditional product design base.

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