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6 Japanese jeans brand Evisu is redesigning its Savile Row store in London this 7 West Yorkshire-based design consultancy 10 Associates has updated the corporate identity and packaging for fireworks


Reaching out to the masses is essential for the continued commercial evolution of gaming. In order to achieve this, it needs to leave behind its geek heritage and the ‘go-faster

Barbican show reaches saturation point

In 1955, one of Yves Klein’s now famous monochromes was rejected for an exhibition in Paris, because a single colour was ‘insufficient’. The rejection came with the request, ‘Could you

Bubble wins DRC project

Manchester design group Bubble has won a project to design the brand identity and website for remote control systems supplier DRC.

Golden Wonder’s Wheat…

Golden Wonder’s Wheat Crunchies packaging has been redesigned by Taxi Studio, following declining sales. The products are due to launch next month.

Trip up

Was the psychedelic era simply a period of drug-addled excess or did designers of that experimental time lay the foundations for today’s countercultural visual language?

Take root

Mixed Belongings celebrates the influence African crafts culture has on the continent’s inhabitants as well as UK creatives

GCap Media is tuning into regions

The UK’s largest commercial radio operator, GCap Media, is looking to expand its design team to the regions outside London. Desiree Collier (pictured right), head of visual creative at GCap,

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