College merger is ideal opportunity for students

I’ve just read with amazement of the imminent merger of The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and The Kent Institute of Art and Design (DW 12 May) and that they’re ‘likely to appoint a design group to create their joint identity’ (pictured, cover and inside page of Surrey’s annual report).

Why didn’t the colleges put the commission out to tender to the students themselves? Or at least involve them with the creation of their own identity through strategic tutoring and education.

If I was one of the students, I would certainly feel compromised, even hurt, that the project was being put out to an external supplier.

There must be a huge source of talent within both environments that would benefit commercially and strategically from a ‘real’ job.

Come on Professor Elaine Thomas and Professor Vaughan Grylls, use your head! (And save money.)

David Wilson, Managing director, Black i, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1DT

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