Creativitea creates new Talkmobile identity


Guildford-based design consultancy Creativitea has created a new identity for Talkmobile, the own-brand phone network of retailer Carphone Warehouse.

The consultancy began working on the project in December 2010, following previous branding projects for Talkmobile.

The initial brief was to bring the branding in line with new competitors like networks O2 and Orange, after a period of growth at Talkmobile.

The consultancy regrouped the logo to form a single deck, refined the type for legibility and introduced the new tagline ’Connecting your world’.

Creativitea creative director Lloyd Bedford says, ’We used the handwritten typeface to give it a personal touch, because the tagline is about the customer connecting their world rather than the tariff telling you how to connect.’

The consultancy has introduced a colour-coding system to its distinctive purple palette to clearly demonstrate areas of value, exclusives and additional benefits, using orange, green and light blue. Talkmobile senior marketing manager Leonie Quill says, ’The new identity needed to make the devices look appealing and explain the tariffs simply. It can be a very complicated market.’

Creativitea also created 3D creative assets dubbed ’social networking cubes’, which cansit next to imagery of handsets to allow customers to easily gauge the phone’s functionality. These will be animated for future digital and TV campaigns.

Talkmobile type

  • Creativitea chose typeface Vag Rounded to complement the logo because of its warm but spacious feel, says Creativitea creative director Lloyd Bedford
  • The typeface will be used in three weights, with the heaviest used to point out areas of value to the customer
  • Handsets have been displayed with a collection of shots to highlight key features, such as keyboards
  • and interfaces

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