Interior and web designers make list of highest-earning freelancers

New research has found both roles bring in an average annual income of £37,500 and have also been chosen among the 10 most desirable freelance jobs.

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Interior design and web design are two of the most profitable freelance careers, new research has found.

The average annual salary for both interior and web designers in the UK is £37,500, according to a new study carried out by Protectivity Insurance, which provides specialist cover for commercial enterprises.

Both roles came in at joint seventh place on a list of the 50 highest-earning freelance careers.

Commenting on why these fields may be among the most profitable, a spokesperson at Protectivity suggests it may be down to the “extensive amount of knowledge, brilliant eye and creative flair” the roles require.

“A significant amount of skill is needed for both, leading to a higher profitability as not everyone could do the job,” they add. “While both sectors are fairly competitive in their markets, they are also quite niche, potentially allowing for higher fees to be charged, as both clients and designers are aware that what they do requires certain skills that not everyone holds.”

Architect is also ranked in the top 10 for profitability with an average annual pay of £42,500, ranking joint third place with software developer.

Researchers analysed salary data on job websites Indeed, Payscale and Totaljobs to find average annual salaries, which have been included in the findings. Where only hourly or day rates were provided, they calculated an annual salary based on a five-day week, with 28 days unpaid holiday deducted.


They also surveyed 1,000 people across the UK, asking them to rank each freelance job on how desirable they perceive it to be.

Architect, interior designer, web designer and graphic designer all made it in to the top 10 list for the most desirable freelance jobs, in this order.

Overall, lawyer was ranked the highest for profitability with an average salary of £57,293, while photographer was rated the most desirable freelance job.

The number of people freelancing is on the rise according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which show that 4.8million people were self-employed in 2017, compared to 3.3million in 2001.

The Protectivity spokesperson adds: “The world of freelancing has become increasingly popular of late, with many jumping at the chance to be their own boss, manage their own time and work while having that extra bit of flexibility in their life.”

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  • Designer December 3, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Seems a tad low now? I was expecting 6 figure salaries on some jobs

  • michela bruno December 3, 2018 at 9:05 am

    there’s something I don’t get in these statistic. A designer daily fee is £250 and some ask even £350. Even if they would work only 10 months instead of 12 still they annual salary should be around 50k, not 37.5k. It would make more sense for this article to compare not just the annual salary but also the amount of holidays or, more simply, the daily fee.

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