26 November 2009


Sir John Sorrell recently asked architects to name features of the built environment that delight them. What would your answer have been, and why?


Pop-up art

Paddy Barstow is not one for the constraints of traditional art galleries – he wants to discover and nurture emerging talent from the art world and break down barriers between

Dodge those Russian mines

As the boom fizzled out in Russia, where did that leave the country’s nascent design industry? Alexei Goncharenko offers his top survival tips

Design is hope

We must safeguard our creativity and take our craft seriously, because it can be a genuine agent of change. Rodney Fitch makes a plea for greater awareness of the potential

Tibetan font Lungta, by Jo De Baerdemaeker

Open brief

It’s a transitional time for font design, with the need to make lettering work across a range of media shaping the discipline and opening up new possibilities. Anna Richardson hears

Sugar Buzz, by Woodrow Phoenix and Ian Carney

Profile – Woodrow Phoenix

Graphic artist Woodrow Phoenix packs a very Postmodern punch in his work, with message-driven illustrations offering up an incongruous mix of the cute and the sinister. Dominic Lutyens catches up

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From the archives: Picture Post

As we head back into our archives, here’s a gem from March 1990. Jane Lewis looks at the creative ways design firms promoted their services through mail-outs.