Inspired – Jocelyn Bailey

There is little that I don’t find interesting, and London is rich in material, so answering the question ‘what inspires me’ produced a rather long list. Here’s the shortlist:

  • Books. Especially, but not only, fiction. To fuel my addiction I’ve started a book club with other secret bookworms where we can indulge our geekery without fear of persecution.
  • My job, sometimes. Working for the Associate Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation has opened up a world of inspiring people. Most recently I’ve been bowled over by Harry Pearce of Pentagram, who is utterly interesting and unfathomably clever.
  • Boisbuchet. The ultimate summer camp for designers. Just go, even if you’re not officially a designer (everyone is a little bit).
  • Writing. A habit I’ve only taken up recently, but it is becoming a form of therapy. Mainly to entertain my parents, I’ve started – such an inelegant term – ‘blogging’.
  • Radio 4. I can’t get enough.
  • The Ted website. Fifteen-minute pick-me-ups.
  • Copenhagen. I visited recently and it was a breath of fresh air compared to chaotic London. Those Danes just have good design in their blood.
  • Coincidences. Against all logic, I like to believe they are significant and a constant source of delight.
  • My little brother. He’s the funniest person I know in real life.
    He can do all the things I can’t. And he can speak Chinese.
    What a guy.

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