Rams retrospective proves the value of in-house design

All praise to your item on in-house design (Comment, DW 22 October).

Indeed, in-house design is often viewed as the poor relation, but you can now see the results of 50 years of in-house design, because Dieter Rams’s work for Braun and Vitsoe is being exhibited at London’s Design Museum.

Rams often speaks of his internal battles with the marketing departments of Braun and its then US owner, Gillette. However, good design is often the product of a single-minded in-house team that can evolve designs in response to technical issues and market feedback.

Freelance designers are often already working on their next headline project. Now retired from Braun, Rams is still working with Vitsoe in this, our 50th anniversary year.
Mark Adams, Managing director, Vitsoe, by e-mail

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