BeeLine – a navigation device for cyclists

Map has worked with a start-up to design a simple navigation device which clips onto a bicycle’s handlebars and shows cyclists the direction to their destination.


Map has helped a start-up design a simple navigation device for cyclists, which works in tandem with their phone.

BeeLine was set up this year by Mark Jenner and Tom Putman with the aim of using technology to make cycling safer and more enjoyable. Map has worked with BeeLine to co-design the eponymous product.

How does it work?

BeeLine is attached to the handlebars of a bike and shows the direction and distance to a destination allowing for any deviation along the way.


It connects with a rider’s phone via Bluetooth and the accompanying phone app allows for the destination and waypoints to be determined before the cyclist sets off.

Map says that “most navigation devices offer rigid turn by turn directions” but BeeLine gives cyclists “freedom to decide which roads to take”.

It contains a magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope to constantly recalibrate a rider’s location.

Energy-saving display

The device, made from a two-part ABS case and joined together by a silicone strap, can be fitted to any bike easily, says Map.

A low energy e-paper display means that it can be used for up to four weeks without charge in all light conditions and there is a backlight for cycling at night.

BeeLine has been made with durability and portability in mind and to this end  a brushed stainless steel keyring has also been designed for it.

It is being launched as a crowdfunded project and costs £40 per unit or £30 for early backers.


Meanwhile a similar product is also being crowdfunded. Haize, by Onomo, is a pocket-sized handlebar mounted device, which displays distance and direction and remains accurate if a cyclist deviates from their route.

Haize by Onomo
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  • Dexter Hartley October 30, 2015 at 10:37 am

    No no no no no. More bits of plastic and tech that don’t need to exist. Why is this not just an app?

    • George Kay October 30, 2015 at 6:56 pm

      I doubt many people would strap their phones to their handlebars? Unless one enjoys looking like a social media obsessed tit.

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