Brewer Riddiford gives flour power to Allinson

Allinson flour has been rebranded and repackaged by Brewer Riddiford – the brand’s first comprehensive redesign in its 100 year history. The new look will be rolled out this week.

The redesign aims to bridge the gap between customer perception and the product’s shelf impact. The consultancy was approached by client Westmill Foods in May and researched the target customer and the product’s value.

While the consumer was found to have “warm feelings of respect for the brand”, says group creative partner John Brewer, the flour’s packaging did not live up to this reputation on shelf.

The existing packaging had evolved over the past 100 years through “a process of people meddling with it”, explains group managing partner George Riddiford.

The consultancy revamped the identity and strengthened the colour coding which had become confused across the seven product categories.

The Westmill Foods windmill was rejigged as an aid device, and the strapline “A Handful of Goodness”, a phrase that kept coming up among consumers in the consultancy’s research, was added.

Brewer Riddiford predicts that in the next couple of years only two or three flour brands will remain on the market and has positioned Allinson to compete. such a market.

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