Creative industries to gain Net results

A new Internet service is being launched for design and other creative and media industries. Graphic identity and on-screen design is by 4i.

The London consultancy has created the “information design” for the new service, says 4i managing director Mark Norton. Called The Frame, the service aims to give users a forum for contact with their fellow professionals plus access to the wider realms of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The network has been designed as a series of virtual rooms, such as a café for on-line chats and a library for accessing a database of information.

4i has created a logo and a family of icons for The Frame, along with a series of screens representing the various areas of the network. Norton says: “It’s an ongoing project for us because the network will evolve.”

4i has also applied its designs to the more traditional medium of literature, through The Frame’s advertising, members’ packs and direct marketing.

The Frame can be reached at

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