Design gets call-up from new council

New privately funded initiative The Marketing Council was unveiled on Tuesday – and is “very keen” to attract membership from the design industry, according to its chief executive John Stubbs.

The council, which has an identity designed by Lewis Moberly, was described as “a national crusade to market marketing” by British Airways chairman Sir Colin Marshall at its launch.

Its current membership of 60 includes British Airways, the WPP Group, Unilever and BT. All have contributed to financing the project.

Stubbs says design groups could benefit from membership: “Design has to be represented. We want to track down what world class, innovative practice is and make it accessible to our members from industry. Design obviously has a massive part to play.”

The Design Council welcomes the move. “The link between design and marketing needs to be strengthened,” says assistant communications director Julie Fitzsimmins. “We’d like a programme of activities which will bring the two councils together.”

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