Fashion first for UK bobbies

THE UK’s police forces plans a radical redesign of their uniforms in anticipation of the 21st century, and one has approached the BBC’s Clothes Show for advice.

“The traditional British bobby with blue belted jacket and tall hat may disappear,” explains a spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police, which is the force masterminding the nationwide project. “Our aim is to achieve a national corporate image.”

West Yorkshire assistant chief constable Bill Hughes is approaching the project “like a blank page. We have no preconceived ideas. We want to hear from everyone about how they would like to see and be seen in the next century”.

A spokeswoman for The Clothes Show confirms that the programme would like to be involved. “It’s a major story and we’d like to generate some feedback into the design process,” she says.

West Yorkshire Police has set up a working party, which will evaluate its situation in 12 months’ time.

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