BBC news brand is developed in-house

BBC Creative Services has designed a TV brand development campaign for BBC News 24 and the on-line news service BBC News On-line, which launches next week.

The campaign will be broadcast on BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC News 24, BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge, and uses footage shot in South Africa to promote the news-gathering expertise of the BBC’s news service.

For the campaign, six scenarios of news events are recreated, including a car-bomb explosion, an anti-vivisection riot, a football victory and the assassination of an ambassador.

BBC Creative Services’ creative Anton Ezer and producer John Golly filmed with the director Michael Geoghegan, who has directed pop promos for bands such as Republica and Bewitched.

Ezer explains that the film uses a “reverse zoom” technique to visually underline the unfolding of each story. “We wanted to give the impression that the news story was slowly unravelling – from an initial seemingly isolated event to a scene of confusion, devastation or euphoria,” he says.

A piece of rope was run from the first shot in the scene to the widest shot, to capture the range of scenes.

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