D&AD/ Gettyone website launch

Bloodbank, the on-line initiative of British Design and Art Direction and Gettyone, the creative professional channel of Getty Images, is launching on 6 November.

The partners have joined forces to create an international, on-line showcase, with recruitment and matchmaking service, www.dandad.org/gettyonebloodbank to single out the best young creative talent in the industry. It will be free to both the industry and the young creatives.

“The focus is to identify and support young, growing talent and to create pathways into the workplace,” says D&AD chief executive David Kester.

It has been designed by D&AD website designer Deepend London and features a navigational structure inspired by the bloodcell analogy. “Cells” on the site include The Lab – a selection of top talent that will be renewed monthly; New Blood – its database of young creatives; Give Blood – the registration page; and Cell Mates – a teaming service for art directors and copywriters.

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