Will capital punishment eradicate free-pitches?

John Cameron described perfectly the four reasons why consultancies do free-pitches (Letters, DW 20 October). Uneducated or unscrupulous clients, lack of credentials, desperation for work, or the reticence of decision-makers to tell juicy, rich clients to bugger off with their money.

So you’re saying all clients should be nice, all groups should have existed for three years or more, everyone should have lots of paid work, and decision-makers should be Jesus. Hmmm.

We don’t do free-pitches as we have a great portfolio and lengthy history – but I can see why others do it, which was my point. Designers have said “no free-pitching” for at least 15 years, and they still do it. So until it’s punishable by death I’m afraid it will continue.

Oh yes, the builders. Builders work to designs or plans. Designers are creative and equate to architects, not brickies. And exactly how do architects gain contracts?

Paul Barfoot

Barfoot Thompson Design


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