Activia gets new look and updated packaging

Consultancy FutureBrand has worked on the redesign, which includes a new “interlocking” icon emphasising Activia’s digestive health benefits.


FutureBrand has created a new visual identity for Activia, including an updated green packaging colour and a new brand icon celebrating the yoghurt’s health benefits.

The consultancy – which was commissioned to work on the redesign last year – says it was briefed by food company Danone to “further strengthen the brand’s core digestive health proposition” and make it more premium.

Futurebrand’s executive creative director for consumer brands, Marie-Thérèse Cassidy, says: “Activia has always had this magic ingredient – Bifidus Actiregularis – but previously Danone was quite apologetic about how it was shown on the packaging.”

Green and gold colour scheme

Bifidus Actiregularis is given much more prominence, featuring on the front of the packaging set against a gold backdrop, which contrasts with the rest of the green coloured packaging.

The colour palette is also carried through to the new symbol, made up of one green and one gold shape which are interlocked.

“Danone wanted to be much more proud about Activia’s magic ingredient,” says Cassidy. “So the interlocking symbol is designed to marry the functional and emotional benefits of the product.”

“More refined hue”

It replaces the arrow symbol used previously, which Cassidy says implied that the product was a diuretic. The new interlocking symbol aims to remove these connotations, and draw associations with digestive health instead.

Another key element of the redesign is the darker green colour of the packaging, designed to give it a “more refined hue” with added texture.

The photographic element of the packaging has also been updated, including a simple spoon image that is now used for the natural flavour.

The new design has now rolled out across 35 countries.


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  • Bronwyn Reeves October 28, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    All well and good but once they’re taken out of the cardboard packaging and put in the fridge it’s difficult to differentiate between the flavours as two of every four have no fruit image and the text is very small. Also, it’s hard to differentiate between the regular and the 0% fat versions. From that point of view I’d say this was an epic fail.

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