Algorithm drives on-line experience

Algorithm this week finalises designs for Autostadt’s on-line revamp, in a project worth £300 000 in design fees to the group.

Autostadt, the £274m brand-experience theme park for Volkswagen Group, is based in Wolfsburg, Germany and has had more than five million visitors since its opening in June 2000.

It is now seeking to deliver a ‘more interactive on-line presence that reflects the brand experience virtually’, says Autostadt head of executive content board Thomas Sevcik.

‘We don’t just want a website. We want a virtual space about everything to do with the mobility of private vehicles, from social considerations to economic factors,’ says Sevcik. ‘It won’t be a showroom. It’s not about car specifications and doesn’t sell cars,’ he adds.

Algorithm was appointed to the project in May following a seven-way global pitch process involving US and German groups in addition to one other unnamed, British consultancy.

The consultancy has been briefed to develop a site that brings the Volkswagen brand to life on-line, according to Algorithm creative director Mike Maxwell.

‘We’ve looked at the thinking behind cars and driving and how that affects people. The site will act as a virtual brain that delivers thoughts about the history and future development of cars. We want to go beyond information to a brand experience,’ he adds.

The revamped site,, is due to launch in December.

Autostadt, which is situated next to the Volkswagen Group factory, was built to support the German custom of collecting cars from manufacturers rather than have them delivered.

The park now serves jointly as a tourist destination and brand and marketing tool for the company. It is also used as an internal ‘transformation tool’, says Sevcik.

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