Estonian welcome for Interbrand

Businesses and public sector organisations in Estonia are being encouraged to adopt an Interbrand-designed identity system to enhance the country’s appeal to tourists, export markets and foreign direct investment and promote its application for European Union membership.

The police department in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, is the latest national institution to consider adding the identity ‘pattern’ to its signage, according to Parvo Pettai, strategic director at Idea, the local ad agency working on the implementation programme.

Interbrand carried out the research with Enterprise Estonia, a government agency, to establish several ‘Estonia narratives’ that could be used to tailor a brand strategy for the country.

This work informed a ‘style guide’, which includes the creation of a national ‘imagebank’ in partnership with photographer Annika Haas, who won a competition set up by the group.

Interbrand international creative director Marksteen Adamson says the ‘Welcome to Estonia’ badge is more of a campaigning idea than a logotype in the strictest sense.

‘The intention is that it operates as a kitemark for Estonian values and stories. There’s no set colour for the marque. It is robust and flexible,’ he explains.

Adamson adds, ‘The brand essence behind the work is that Estonia is positively transforming. It’s been independent for ten years and is now a dynamic business centre with an e-commerce-friendly government.’

The marque was created by Interbrand designers David Carroll, Marianna Bettini and Margarita Ligda with freelance typographer Rob Andrews, a former designer at the consultancy.

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