Roundel has technology to brand ex-Marconi arm

Roundel this week presents first concepts of a revamped brand identity for E2V Technologies as part of a £100 000 contract aimed at severing the company’s links with struggling telecoms giant Marconi Group.

E2V was formed in July following the acquisition of Marconi Applied Technologies by 3I Group and the incumbent management group.

E2V marketing director Mark Hobbs stresses the need for a new identity that reflects the company’s position in the marketplace and signals a clear break from its previous incarnation.

‘Historically perceived as a technologies business, we now want to focus attention on products and capabilities,’ says Hobbs.

Roundel has been briefed to develop a ‘visual language and personality’ for E2V, which includes creating a logo, brand properties and application of the identity across marketing, signage, advertising and exhibition events.

According to Roundel strategy consultant Ian St John, the core challenge is projecting the business as ‘compelling and relevant’ to potential customers.

‘It’s very difficult to pindown E2V operations to one sector within the technologies market,’ says St John.

He adds, ‘This is not an old Marconi business simply rebranded and rebadged. It’s essential to get the message across to both customers and staff within the organisation that E2V has a new direction and fresh sense of purpose.’

A set of key brand values, namely innovation, integrity and connectivity, were developed following Roundel’s appointment four weeks ago. The new identity is scheduled to be launched next month.

Although Roundel has worked across a number of creative projects for Marconi in the past, it was appointed by E2V on the strength of a paid creative pitch against a ‘number’ of undisclosed groups.

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