Vodka drink counts down to relaunched look

WPA Pinfold has created the packaging for drinks company Rocket Fuel’s vodka-based offering.

Rocket Fuel, set up by vodka enthusiast Fraser Koutts in 1997 to provide a premium quality vodka with a stylish appearance, was initially sold over the Internet.

To date the company’s main client base has been in the Far East. Distribution agreements have been signed in Scotland and the product will be available in England before Christmas.

The product’s initial in-house designed packaging featured retro-space themes and had limited appeal to the domestic market, according to WPA Pinfold brand packaging consultant Nick Lock. The consultancy has now developed a futuristic, space-age themed packaging, he adds.

The revamped look features a clear porthole on the front label, which reveals constellations on the inside of the back label that shimmer when held up to the light.

The consultancy was appointed in February without a pitch.

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